ZModeler 2.2

Creates, renders and modifies 3D artwork
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2.2.6 (See all)
The suite combines separate graphical objects, 2D and 3D models, textures and backgrounds to create 3D artwork. It renders the files in formats suitable for integration into multimedia presentations and games to reduce system resource usage. The editing tools include lighting, shading and polygon optimizing.

Zanoza Modeler (ZModeler) is a software for creating and modifying 3D artwork (models) for variouse games. Comparing to advanced 3D Graphics packages, ZModeler is not intended to produce very detailed 3D models required for photo-realistic renderings, instead, ZModeler should be used for low or average-detailed 3D models for realtime rendering in games. The more accurate you create and texture 3D models, the better they look ingame. On the other hand, high-detailed models, even while they look much more impressively, can and usually cause slowdown of game's performance and sometime make gameplay unsatisfying. A proper balance of details, texture-work and polygons optimization is what 3D artist should be aimed to.

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